July was a really interesting and productive painting month.

Interesting since it involved being in two North American venues that couldn’t be more different … Santa Fe, New Mexico, which at 7000 feet is hot, high and dry … and Grand Manan, New Brunswick, which at sea level is wet, warm and humid.

The only thing common between these two venues was that they are both “New”!

Productive in both New Mexico and New Brunswick since I tried something new; painting with a milk based paint called ‘casein’.

Love at first sight!

Here are just a few of the 25 panels I completed on these trips.

CP-NM-13-55 12x12 $500  

GIBSON CP-NM-13-59 12x12 $500

CP-NM-13-56 12x12 $500 ‘

CP-GM-13-78 12x12 $500

CP-GM-13-65 12x12 $500

  CP-GM-13-70 12x12 $500



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