Homer Watson House and Gallery

Homer Watson was a celebrated Canadian painter (1856-1936) who lived in Doon, Ontario (now part of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo). 

After he sold a seminal work to Queen Victoria [1883], he purchased and lived until his death, in an 1850’s house which is now known as the Homer Watson House and Gallery.

The Homer Watson House and Gallery is a prestigious institution which  has exhibited my work in past years.

This Friday, November 11, 2022, to Friday, January 9, 2023, it is hosting an exhibition of 60 pieces of art selected from almost 200 submissions.

I am humbled to tell you that I have just been notified that one my submissions was selected for this elite show, but not which one!

For fun, why don’t you be the juror!

These were my two submissions:

Tell me, which one you would select.

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