2013, A Travelled Year

2013 was a travelled year imbued with painting, drawing and art education.

Trips to Philadelphia, New York City, London, Brussels, Santa Fe (NM),
Grand Manan (NB), Prince Edward Island and Lancaster (PA), ended with a six
day New Year’s trip to Madrid.  Madrid is one of those beautiful European
cities that is filled with great art, architecture, parks, fountains,
plazas, palaces, theatres, and food!  Six storey buildings are often
crowned with giant stone sculptures of chariots, horses and other works of

Spain gave the world, amongst many other numeraries, Picasso, Goya,
Velazquez, Gris, Miro and Dali.  Madrid contains vast numbers of their work
in public collections that are simply outstanding.  The Prado, only one of
many galleries and museums which inundate the city, is a gigantic
institution which houses only 17th and 18th century western art!

Madrid was a great way to end 2013 and start 2014!

Attached are a number of paintings which finished 2013, and started
2014, for me.


CP-5S9-13-117 12x12 $650

OP-5S9-13-116 24x18 $950

OP-5S9-14-001 24x24 $950

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