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Workin’ Moms

Here we go again !

If you can look past another young lady on last night’s episode of Workin’ Moms you can see my 30″ x 30″ oil on panel “Hominy“.  It got quite a bit of screen time.

CBC is going all out; keep your eyes peeled for another sighting !!

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Schitt’s Creek


If you can take your eye off the girl for a second and look at the wall behind her, you can see my 12″ x 12″ acrylic on panel “Dolce“.

Apparently the CBC feels so badly about my Vancouver loss, that they are promoting my work on Schitt’s Creek!

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SPLIT SCREEN [in art?!]

We are all, by now, used to this idea (ie television screens, information channels, Facebook, advertising … etc.); it is a display technique that consists of dividing graphics into non-moveable adjacent parts. This allows the simultaneous  presentation of related graphical information.

For some reason, my unfortunate experience with Harrison Galleries moved me in this direction.  I have now completed a series of four [2′ x 3′ and 4′ x 3′] panels which I just love.

Here are two of them; what do you think?

Is this something new?

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